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Rector's Warden's Report

Hello St. Andrew's!

April was quite a month for us, with lots of wonderful opportunities for worship and activity. When I think back on Holy Week, Pizza Bingo, our guest speaker event, meetings, coffee hours, etc., the most vivid pictures that come to mind are the warm smiles and connections that come with all that from so many of you. Our little church is a wonderful sanctuary from the chaos that can creep up on us in day-to-day life, to which I’m very thankful.

I was asked a great question from one of our newcomers at one of the Easter services. The question was, “How would you describe St. Andrew's in a word or two?” What a great question! From what I recall, I gave him this: Friendly and Warm, Unassuming/Modest, Spirit Filled. Honestly, I could go on, but it really made me think of who we are in the community and the wonderful place of worship we offer in the most simplest of terms. If you were asked that question, what would you say?

Below is a summary of some of our top highlights, opportunities, and dependencies. For further context and more depth of ministry areas, please read further in the Piper and/or reach out to our ministry leaders.

Highlights (April)

  • Holy Week - wonderful lineup of services, music, and activities.

  • Pizza Bingo - Food, fun, prizes, and all around great fellowship!

  • Adult Forum & Guest Speaker - Bob Smietana, Reorganized Religion. Thought provoking and delightful presentation with lively discussion.

  • Playground: Upkeep, New Equipment, Benches - Thank you to Bradley Kellogg for his Eagle Scout project to St. Andrew's!

  • Bridge of Hope: 10 Easter Dinners to families in need.


  • Spring Cleanup! Great opportunity to serve and beautify the church while sharing in fellowship while we work.

  • Vacation Bible School coming in June.

  • Join a committee! Many of the vestry leaders are developing committees. If you are interested in a specific area of the church’s ministries/work, please inquire!

Dependencies (items that impact our ability to accomplish opportunities/goals)

  • Volunteers needed for VBS - Contact Kristy Campagna

  • Membership growth

  • Reduce and eliminate the budget deficit

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