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Happy October to all at St. Andrew's! The Outreach team had a crisp and productive month as we carried out our mission to share Christ’s love in our community. The monthly meal to

Atkinson was delivered as is tradition. Every bite of food is important to our neighbors, and just as important to our volunteers. I strongly believe there is no age limit for service learning. We are all students and children of God; part of our daily work is to continue learning, growing and walking in His ways.

Our sister church sponsored a RISE against hunger meal packaging event. Outreach at St.

Andrew's helped to advertise and rally volunteers. I am pleased to announce that feedback from the event hosts was positive - every shift had packaging volunteers. This drive also helped our mission to collaborate more deeply with other episcopal churches in our community. Looking ahead, our most anticipated event this month is our Trick or Treat for UNICEF, in partnership with the Youth Ministries. On October 30th, children from both the 8 AM and 10 AM services will trick or treat for coins as a donation to UNICEF. The Sunday school that day will also feature an education on the work UNICEF does and why it is important to our mission and our neighbors. Outreach will sponsor the event and provide some light snacks and Halloween themed foods while our children trick or treat. So, start saving your loose change – we hope to see everyone’s smiles at our coffee hour that Sunday!

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