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Hello St. Andrew’s Congregation!

“Happy” Lent! :)

Although Lent is a solemn season, it is one of my favorites because of the music. There’s something bittersweet in the mellow, yet tragic quality of hymns such as Ah, Holy Jesus or Lord, Jesus, Think on Me that help us enter into the full meaning of the season.

Growing up, I remember always thinking of Lent as “the boring season.” It is not, though! Surrounded by such beautiful tunes as we are during Lenten services, let us be reminded that Lent, as the lead up to Christ’s Passion, is about the preparation of our hearts to welcome his Grace. As such, there is an element of joy in the season, much like Advent to Christmas, as we anticipate Easter.

May you enter into Lenten joy this season, and enjoy the beautiful hymns!

Your Choir Director,

~Audrey Drennen

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