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Hiring Family Ministries Director (20hrs / Week)

Saint Andrew's is actively seeking candidates for a part time Family Ministries Director position.


The Director of Family Ministries will serve passionately, and with dedication, in coordinating and supporting the Church’s ministry to families (parents and children from babies to high school) in a way that empowers and supports the discipleship of children, youth, and parents.


The Director of Family Ministries position is a 20 hour per week position and will work collaboratively with the Rector to support, promote, and champion a vision for ministry that promotes the discipleship of youth, children, and parents, and incorporates our families into the life of the Church. This includes the following responsibilities:

  • Lead Programming: Be a point person, organizer, and head “cheerleader” for children and youth programming. This includes but is not limited to Sunday programming, outreach efforts, trips, communion class, confirmation class, VBS and other special events pertaining to family ministries. This involves working collaboratively with the Rector to plan events in advance and review curriculum and other programmatic needs.

  • Support Fellowship Opportunities: Support and on occasion, lead, fellowship opportunities for the Church at large that directly involved families within the Church.

  • Recruit and Support Volunteers: Be responsible for the recruitment and training of volunteers including Sunday School teachers, youth group leaders, and confirmation mentors. Schedule, plan and execute regular volunteer check-in’s and meetings.

  • Maintain Good Communication and Administration: Ensure that communication is taking place with families and volunteers through proactive and creative communication. This includes making use of Email, social media, newsletters, regular volunteer meetings and bulletin boards. Be responsible for all administrative functions of the ministry including keeping track of an up to date communication list, background checks, safe church documents, and any details that need to be coordinated for programmatic functions. Work collaboratively with vestry representative for family ministries to make monthly reports to the vestry.

  • Build Relationships: Be a positive and energizing presence at the Church. Be present and available during gatherings with youth, children and families. Maintain frequent connection with youth and parents through text messages, email, phone calls, and face to face meetings outside of Church.

  • Network in the Community and Diocese: Network within the diocese to enrich our program through diocesan offerings. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to partner with others and look for ways to partner with the community.

  • Christian Living: By God’s grace and with God’s help, maintain a lifestyle that is consistent with the teachings of Jesus. Showing integrity and a healthy lifestyle as a role model for others.

Required Background and Skills

  • Excellent and proactive communicator. Both written and oral.

  • Highly organized and able to plan, implement, and delegate.

  • Proven experience effectively working with families and children in Church settings.

  • Highly collaborative and a “team player”.

  • Background and experience within the Episcopal Church is preferred.

  • Background and experience in Education, Marriage and Family Therapy or Church Ministry is preferred.

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to

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