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Children and Youth Ministries

We are thrilled to announce that for the 2021-2022 school year, we will be having Church School! Starting on September 12th, we will be having 3 classes during the 10am service - Early Elementary, Older Elementary, and Middle School. Starting later in the fall we will also be adding a Confirmation class for High School students and a Communion class for Elementary students. We currently have more than 40 students registered across the various programs.

Our Children & Youth programs will be centered around Faith, Service, and Fellowship. We will be partnering ministries across St. Andrew's to engage and inspire our children and youth. This includes the return of Acolytes at our 10am service and several upcoming outreach programs. Please support us by encouraging our youth when you see them serving and by participating in our shared outreach & fellowship programs.

Children & Youth programs at St. Andrew's would not be possible without many volunteers who support us by teaching, mentoring, and supporting. Thank you, especially to all of the Church School teachers!

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