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Adult Christian Education

The Essential Jesus Program

Happy New Year! Our St Andrew's Essential Jesus Program is kicking off the second half. Perhaps one of your New Year’s resolutions is to incorporate some quiet time and bible reading into your schedule. This is a great time to join the group and participate for the remaining 10 weeks.

During his second half of the program we’ll explore the following focused areas about Jesus and what that means for us:

  • Parables

  • Miracles

  • Prayers

  • Crucifixion and Resurrection

  • The Early Church

  • Second Coming

  • Who is Jesus… to you?

Participation is easy: 5 readings from the Bible per week, and each reading is accompanied by a guide to help understand the passages and apply to your life. We’ll occasionally have optional group meetings to discuss the readings, share, and have fellowship around the program.

If you are interested email Tom Riley at

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