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Happy New Year from the Stewardship Committee! First off, I wanted to thank all of you who submitted your 2024 Pledge allowing us to start planning the budget for the year. I am very excited for all the programs and initiatives we have planned for the year so far. If you have not yet submitted a pledge because you were unsure of what it means or how to do it, please feel free to talk to an usher or any vestry member you see during services, and they can get you a pledge card or direct you to the website link where you can enter it electronically as well as give a brief explanation on what pledging means for the Episcopal Church and why it is such an important part of our annual planning.

I also wanted to remind you to take a quick look at your 2023 giving amounts and see if your totals are where you intended them to be for the year. For those that think it’s too late now that we are in 2024, I am here to say it is not too late! I must admit that there have been years in the past where I forgot to carry the 1 or added wrong, and realized I came up short on my annual goal so had to make a singular donation earmarked as my year end catch up giving for the prior year. We are always glad to accept donations to close out the previous year 😊.

As you may be aware, my term serving as Stewardship Chair is coming to a close, but you will still see me around serving as usher or helping organize events and programs, so I am not going anywhere. I urge you  to look at 2024 as the year where you look to get involved in the many opportunities to serve the Church  and our community. There are plenty of ways to volunteer for easy, low commitment activities that greatly help alleviate the burden on others – like hosting coffee hour, ushering a service once every  6 – 8 weeks or adding your voice to one of our Ministry  Committees. Again, please refer to our announcements

 or stop and chat with any of our Vestry members or church leadership for ideas or to find out where the need is greatest.

Thanks again for all your support.

God Bless,

Jeff Herrera

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