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I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. Traditionally, most churches experience a drop off in attendance as families travel for summer vacations and escape to vacation homes for a few weeks, and it is no different at St. Andrew's. It is also when we take a break from Sunday School and give the choir a rest until we get back to full swing in September.

All that being said, I am happy to let you know that our ministries are still working hard in the background doing the good work we do all year round, as well as looking for ways to make things better. For instance, there are several projects we are looking at to improve the overall grounds of the church; we are still actively participating in several outreach initiatives through the summer months; we hosted VBS again this summer; and maybe the most important thing is we still meet every Sunday to hear Reverend Ben’s inspirational sermons at 8am and 10am and still gather in fellowship after services to catch up and talk about our families and summer activities.

I’ve heard people say that going to the gym can be hard to do if you don’t make it a regular occurrence, but nobody ever leaves the gym regretting having gone. I think the same is true with going to church – sometimes we find ourselves debating going to church or using that time for chores or activities, but nobody regrets their decision to attend service on their drive home. So if you are in town, stop on in for an hour of fellowship and inspiration and I guarantee you will be glad you did!

God Bless,

Jeff Herrera

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