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Greetings St. Andrew’s family. We move into the new year with a greater understanding of who we are and a positive direction for the future of our church. Although we had to make some accommodations for the latest pandemic challenge, I am confident we are on track to get back to “normal” worship and can recapture the warm fellowship from gathering to celebrate Christ’s love together. I think I speak for the congregation when I say thank you to Reverend Ben for agreeing to be our full-time rector and taking the helm to stabilize the church during the uncertainty of the last two years and steer us towards growth and love as we regain our stride on the path Christ laid out for us.

I also want to thank the congregation for a successful pledge season at the close of 2021.Through your generosity, we have exceeded our pledge amount from the previous year and are well prepared to plan our annual events for 2022. We as a vestry are very excited to fill the calendar with fun events for you and your family to participate in. Speaking of the vestry, we will be having our annual meeting this month to elect the newest members of the vestry to represent you and ensure your vision of the church is factored in the direction of the church

I would like to close with a reminder that if you had not submitted a pledge during the rush and confusion of the holiday season, it is not too late! Pledges are a way for us to budget and plan for the upcoming year and if we continue to receive pledges early in the year, it allows us to update our planning for more events and opportunities to give back to the community. If you would like to submit a pledge for the 2022 year, you can still fill out a card and place it in the collection basket on Sundays or simply go online to our website and pledge electronically.

Thanks again for your generosity.

God Bless,

Jeff Herrera

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