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Rector's Warden's Report for October 2021

As far an update on our transition goes, we need to finish our Church Profile and the OTM (Office of Transitional Ministry) at this point. The OTM is a very lengthy document that will take a little time to complete. All of the Vestry as well as volunteers from the church, under the leadership of Christine Whaley and myself will participate in completing this document. Once the Church Profile and the OTM are completed we will present to Canon Arlett for approval. We will also hold 2 congregational meetings – these will be town hall type meetings which will allow you the chance to express any concerns and ask any questions to the Vestry about this process. Once those 2 meetings are completed, we will go to the Bishop and present a proposed pathway forward. We hope again to have this entire process completed by Jan. 1st 2022.

I hope this gives you all a better insight on the entire process that started almost a year ago…Any questions as always please feel free to email me or call me. Thank you again for allowing me to serve as your representative of St. Andrew’s.

Lee Johnson, Jr.

Rector’s Warden

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