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Rector's Warden's Report for February

As I begin my last month as your Rector’s Warden, I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who supported me during this term. Your faith and trust in me allowed me to accomplish things that were beyond my abilities. The communications of encouragement, whether that was emails, phone calls, letters or conversations before or after church, was my strength.

As I have mentioned many, many times over my 3 years as Rector's Warden, I have been so blessed and lucky to have been able to serve with Christine Whaley, Tom Riley, Lisa Yost, Jessica Gallo, Allen Spencer, Jeff Herrera, Susan Harvard, John Strang and Jen Ewing (who corrected my bad grammar, kept me focused, organized and “politically correct.” ) This vestry was a family with diverse backgrounds and opinions but through the work of the Holy Spirit we were united to be able to see clearly the best path for St. Andrew’s. You have an amazing vestry St. Andrew’s; I will miss working with you all very much.

I wanted to thank Fr. Tommy for encouraging me to get more involved in St. Andrew’s at a time when I was happier just going to the 8:00 service each week and letting others do all the work in between. I would encourage you all to get involved in some area that God has bestowed his talents on you.

Lastly, I wanted to thank Rev. Ben for his unwavering desire to make St. Andrew’s into the church that God has intended for us. His love for this church has been evident since he became our Priest in Charge. We are very blessed to have him and his family with us leading and guiding this congregation.

It was an honor to serve all of you at St. Andrew’s and I look forward to being back in the pew for the 8:00 service with my family as a regular supporter of St. Andrew’s.

In His service-


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