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Rector's Warden's Report

Greetings St. Andrew's,

We have a lot to look forward to in April, especially upcoming Holy Week as Lent comes to an end and we reflect on Christ’s journey to the crucifixion, his suffering and death, and ultimately the joy of Jesus triumphing over sin and death on Easter Day. I anticipate a lively period of time in our community before summer vacations start to scatter us about. This is also the time of year we may have an increase in newcomers, so let’s all keep an eye out to help newcomers find their way and feel comfortable. My hope is that everyone stepping foot on our grounds senses a feeling of belonging that continues to draw them back to our wonderful community. As the body of our church grows, so will our diversity of relationships, talent, and capacity to support our mission!

Here are a few updates on the latest Highlights, Opportunities, and Dependencies as a church. Please see the ministry reports in the Piper and Weekly Announcements for more detail.

Highlights (March)

  • Feast of the Annunciation, multi-church gathering at St. Andrew's

  • Earthquake Relief - special Outreach Initiative through Episcopal Relief


  • Pizza Bingo! A wonderful fellowship event for all ages.

  • Adult Christian Formation Program, Bible 101.

  • Multiple worship opportunities during Holy Week!

  • Bridge of Hope - Easter Dinner Outreach.

  • Vacation Bible School coming in June.

  • Join a committee! Many of the vestry leaders are developing committees. If you are interested in a specific area of the church’s ministries/work, please inquire!

Dependencies (items that impact our ability to accomplish opportunities/goals)

  • We need volunteers for Coffee Hour

  • Membership growth

  • Reduce and eliminate the budget deficit

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