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We’ve Been Busy

In May I reported that the Spring Clean-up was going to be followed up with a professional cleaning, weeding, edge cutting and mulching of the beds under the trees along Saint Andrews Lane and those inside the walled area in front of the sanctuary. That work was done in early June and things are looking good.

Since my last article for The Piper there was a flurry of small projects that demanded our attention. For instance, the Altar railing gate latch needed repair, a couple of toilets in the nursery level ladies room had problems that required some professional attention, and a sink in the same restroom needed a new drain installed. However, a major project that arose recently started when we found that the office air conditioning system stopped working. After reviewing the options, the Vestry decided to replace the air conditioning system with a new and far more efficient system. It was also decided that we should have a maintenance contract on all six of the heating and air conditioning systems in the entire church. This will assure they are all ready for their respective heating or cooling seasons and provide us priority service and discounts on any work we may need.

If you have any comments or suggestions about our property or buildings, I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, enjoy your summer.

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