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I wanted to personally say thank you to everyone that came out on the 23rd for Spring Clean Up. It was by far the best turnout in years and a great bonding session as well. We had a huge turnout of adults and kids and we were done at 10:30 not noon! Everyone just picked a spot and we got it done!

Special shout out to our former Rector's Warden, Lee Johnson, for motoring up St. Andrews Lane on his John Deere tractor and moving mulch with a front loader versus an extra 30 wheelbarrows. For sure saved us an hour. I think that could be a country song, Lee!

Thanks again to everyone of you!

Items that are to be completed this spring.

  • Wall repair-Finance Committee has approved funding to replace shingles and wiring to bring the cemetery wall back to code.

  • Church sign. Funds for replacing the church sign at 401 and St. Andrews Lane have been approved as well. It will be 26 square feet so much larger than the current sign.

  • There has been a donation for plantings around the sign as well.

  • There is a lot of stucco work and painting that needs to be done and waiting for the weather and scheduling to allow for this to happen.

  • I plan on painting the rest of the cemetery wall (and hopefully the street facing) side of the church itself this spring. As many know, we were the victim of at least 2 egg attacks that is very hard to remove.

As always, if there are any issues or you see something that needs attention, please reach out to me directly.

God Bless,

John Strang

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