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Making a New Clean Sweep

There were a number of “household” items that needed attention over the past month since my last report. These mostly involved replacing light bulbs and timer switches, straightening lampposts, and addressing some bell chime issues. However, we did have a somewhat disruptive event in mid-December. Our cleaning company informed us that they lost a key staff member and would no longer be able to clean the church. We scrambled to find a cleaning company who could do the job for us in the near term. The one we found is doing a better job than the company we had, but at a much higher price.

Our plan is to continue to use this new company while we seek alternative cleaning service providers. Hopefully we can find one that is good, reliable, and will cost about what we were paying before. Therefore, if you know of a cleaning company that does a good job and can handle institutional properties, I’d appreciate the referral. Send it along to me at Your recommendations will be appreciated.

If you have any comments or suggestions about our property or buildings, or if you’d like to lend a hand on a project, I’d love to hear from you.

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