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Chillin’ in the Summer heat

It’s been a pleasant summer for my family and me…I certainly hope it was for you and yours as well. In my June article I reported that the air conditioner in the office wing had failed and a replacement system was authorized for purchase. I’m glad to report that the new system has been installed and has kept those spaces cool and comfortable through the heat of the summer. I’m glad to report also that this new system is more efficient so comparable cooling demand should cost us less.

As you may recall there were some heavy wind-driven rainfalls this summer. One of those storms resulted in a significant leak in the ceiling of the hall alongside the sanctuary. Early in July our roofing contractor inspected the roof and found that the cause of the leak was a few misplaced and broken shingles. After replacing and realigning the shingles and filling the obvious vulnerable spots with sealant, the roof has had no more reported episodes of leaking in recent rains…and some of them were quite heavy.

You may have heard some conversation in recent months about the illumination of the parking lot. There are two pole mounted lights over the parking lot. They have been operating inconsistently and are dim when they are on. We had plans to install supplementary solar lights but found that they lacked sufficient illumination and their solar dependency makes them unreliable. Since the existing lights are owned by PECO Energy, we were advised that their subcontractor would repair or replace those lights for us. I’m working with PECO Energy to fully understand our options with the goal of getting better illumination by way of upgrading and/or replacing those light fixtures. There should be more on this in the next issue of The Piper.

Let me close this article with a special word of thanks to John Eblacker. John took the initiative to clean the below grade sliding windows along the hall under the upper hall. It was a messy and demanding job but John got it done…I merely helped. Thanks John!

If you have any comments or suggestions about our property or buildings, or if you’d like to lend a hand on a project, I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

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