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Greetings St Andrew's Church Family. Thank you to everyone that has done or is doing so to support the property on their own. All help is always appreciated since it is difficult to maintain such a historic property solo.

As Jeff Herrera mentioned in his Piper article on Stewardship, being a good Steward of the church extends beyond believing in God, the teachings of Christ but also by giving and participating in the upkeep of our place of worship and fellowship.

We collectively need to dig deep and keep St. Andrews a beautiful place to worship and gather.

A reminder, the Fall clean up will be held Saturday, November 13th from 9 AM to completion. All are welcome and social distancing outside will be observed. If possible, please bring rakes, leave blowers and tarps, if you have them.

Please click here to sign up. Coffee and donuts will be provided. Please call or email me if you have any questions.

Thanks in advance for your help!

John Strang


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