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Spring has sprung at St. Andrew's! I am glad and humbled to report our Bridge of Hope ham dinner drive was a huge success! Ten full- course ham dinners with sides were delivered to the Good Smartian organization to feed local families in need. I am especially proud of the eager response and sign ups we received from the congregation – what a way to give back to our neighbors! The smiles of our recipients were the best rewards of all.

On a traditional note, our ongoing monthly Atkinson dinner and our Food Pantry collections also remain successful. We in the congregation are very blessed, and it is easy to take those blessings for granted. I know the gentlemen at the Atkinson shelter truly appreciate our homecooked efforts. We must also remember that inside every car that drives through the food pantry is a family very similar to our own. I like to think of this drive as the Lord’s kitchen rather than just a community kitchen. Spreading Christ’s love - one can of beans at a time – is the simplest and noblest way we will help our neighbors.

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