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At last, some warmer air has arrived! I hope everyone here at St. Andrew's is feeling excited for the upcoming spring season. In the spirit of renewal and gathering, I am pleased to announce yet another full trunk load of pantry donations came in this past month. I know this drive runs continuously in the background of our church business, which makes me all the more joyful to see its long-standing support throughout the seasons. What a meaningful way to help our neighbors.

Speaking of food, our youth spiced up the Atkinson menu with some home-cooked chili for their March dinner. Outreach was happy to step aside and let these master chefs lead the charge. A call of thanks to Cherie Pudleiner and Christine Whaley, and the youth teams for guiding our service learning by example!

Amidst the joy, Outreach also responded to a tragedy this spring: the Earthquakes in Syria and Turkey left aftershocks around the world. I was personally brought to tears when I saw images of the devastation left behind. A harsh reminder of the strong forces our mother nature can generate. In effort to assist our global neighbors, Outreach raised a total of $675 that was donated through Episcopal Relief and Development.

May we all take a moment to enjoy the warmth of the springtime sun, breathe in some fresh air, and remember how easy it is for us to become the next tragedy. Many people are familiar with the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It is only through giving what we can, where we can, that we in turn receive the support and comradery I believe we all crave. Don’t overlook those in need because they are far away. You could easily wake up one morning and find disaster closer to home. In the spirit of Outreach, share your smiles, your Easter eggs and all of Christs love this spring!

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