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Greetings, St. Andrew’s!

As we head into June, I am reminded that I’ve officially been directing here for one year. It’s been such an exciting year with so many wonderful developments, both in the adult and children’s choir. I have learned so much during this first year of being a music director, and I could not have asked for a better church to start with!

So many have mentioned so far that this year saw the regular choir rehearsals resume, which of course is a huge step since COVID. What they haven’t mentioned, since I’ve been the only one to observe, is how dedicated the choir is! I’d like to take this moment to sing their praises— they gracefully supported me as I got used to the job, consistently showing up week after week, and riding the wave of my first time directing the Christmas and Easter seasons.

I feel blessed to have been able to usher in many volunteer members for the 2022 Christmas season, both singers and instrumentalists, to add to the glory of the liturgy. And similarly for Easter, I was happy to hire some colleagues for a beautiful vigil service.

The children’s choir saw a revival this year, has sung for service once so far during Christmas, and will open our summer season by singing for Children’s Day. I love teaching them week after week, and I received a petition to continue during the summer. I laughed as they all begged me not to end rehearsals just because school is ending soon. They are more dedicated students than I am, wanting to go through the summer!

I look forward to an even more exciting liturgical season to come.

Enjoy your summer!

Your Choir Director,

~Audrey Drennen

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