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Happy Advent Everyone!

Everyone today is so aware of the joy of Christmas that we prepare ahead of time. Some will even go as far as singing Christmas carols the day after Halloween. :) While it’s a wonderful thing that our culture still values such a special season so much, it often comes at the cost of Advent being ignored.

As impatient as we are as humans, there is something in us that knows that special things are always more rewarding when they are anticipated. Seeing the Christmas presents under the tree on Christmas Eve, satisfyingly wrapped in bright red bows, is almost as wonderful as tearing the wrapping on Christmas morning. And so we leave them, and wait excitedly till morning.

Advent is like waiting for those Christmas presents. It’s the dim light of the purple candle on the Advent wreath rather than a fully lit room. But there’s a unique beauty in that waiting.

The same can be said about music. We all want to get back to singing our beloved, beautiful Christmas carols. However, I’d invite you to enjoy the somber tones of our traditional Advent carols this year first.

O Come, O Come Emanuel!

Your Choir Director,

~Audrey Drennen

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