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The more time passes, the more things seem to blur together.

The other day I was clearing up the choir loft and found a few things on the organ. Pencils, paper clips, discarded post it notes. Among them were some small candy canes, scattered over the hymnals. I looked at the chairs in the choir loft, empty now after service, and the image of the choir in Christmas outfits flashed before me. It seems like it was just yesterday.

Is there anything that remains constant? The seasons themselves, which help to ground us and stay in touch with reality, seem confused at times. One day there’s four feet of snow, the next it’s all melting in Summer weather. Or if the seasons seem to be what they are — Winter blustery and Spring mild - they seem too fleeting.

Yesterday it was Christmas, now it’s Lent, and before we know it, it will be Easter.

Many things are fleeting. What in life is constant? There are few things, but music is one of them. This Lent, I hope the bittersweet music can help you receive stability and peace in the midst of chaos.

Your Music Director,

~Audrey Drennen

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