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Happy New Year St. Andrew’s!  

Some of you may have had a similar start to your year as I— being sick with the flu. Instead of waking up January 1st bright eyed and ready for a new beginning, I frankly didn’t wake up. It was discouraging knowing that I, like everyone else, had a list of all my new goals, plans, etc.; but was unable to begin tackling them.  

However, as I was planning the new musical season I started to see things differently. With the way music unfolds, it's not simply the beginning of each piece that affords an opportunity for a new beginning. Each musical phrase is a new beginning, and they reoccur often. Music is written to match the rhythm of life, so the same holds true for our daily lives. Just as each new musical phrase is an opportunity for a musical renewal, so each week, day, indeed, each hour, is an opportunity for personal renewal— not just each new year. 

I hope the service music this month helps you come into your new year with joy and peace, giving you hope that each moment of this new year you can begin again.  

Your Music Director,  

~Audrey Drennen 

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