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Greetings, Congregation of St. Andrew's!

It is my pleasure to announce my plans for the Autumn season. I’m especially excited to be bringing my plans to life at this time because I feel that the approaching season holds unique significance.

Not only are we at the threshold of yet another Autumn, with the end of vacations, the return of colder weather, and the start of school we all know (and somewhat dread!) so well. We are witnessing something much bigger. We are witnessing the return of life in its full capacity to celebrate that we’ve been missing for two and a half years— and unlike the seasonal cycle, we were not sure when, if ever, to except such a return. But it’s come back, as witnessed by all the new happenings in the congregation!

On the musical end of things, there are two new things taking place. They are the return of the adult choir to our weekly service and the formation of the children’s choir. Regular Thursday evening rehearsals are coming back, and the choirs will once more enjoy the fellowship, musical growth, and sense of purpose that only such rehearsals can provide. I can already hear the warm ups, the singing, the laughter, the shy excitement of the children, and the conversation of the choristers as they rekindle long friendships and form new ones. The adult choir starts its first rehearsal Thursday September 8th from 7-8:45pm, and sings its first service Sunday the 11th. The children’s choir will rehearse Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm every other week starting September 29th, and will sing for Christmas, Easter, and Youth Sunday.

You will all be glad, I know, to experience the return of our music program in its full force. Perhaps some of you will even join our program. I was very impressed with the musicality of many in the congregation, and warmly encourage you to join if you’re interested. Whether you’re an experienced singer, love to sing, play an instrument, or even if you have no musical experience and would like to learn in an encouraging environment— I’d be honored by your participation!

On a practical note, since the children’s choir hasn’t happened in an especially long time, I am setting up a registration sheet which will be posted on the website and our Facebook page shortly.

So, with all of these good things before us, I hope you will join me in celebrating this season with exceptional vigor amidst and through our daily duties, that we may bring in a harvest of musical abundance.

Your Music Director,

Audrey Drennen

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