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Introducing Two Minute Sermons

One of the oldest and most profound traditions held within the folds of our church's history, is the daily study of scripture and prayer as directed by the daily office.

Although, these days, there are not many that have engaged with the daily office as a regular practice, it is an incredible resource and one that anchors us to the living word of God in a tangible way.

As a way of further engaging our congregation in the regular reflection on scripture, I am going to be publishing a weekly, two minute sermon, that is intended to be rooted in one of the morning prayer passages assigned to the day. I hope that these quick, two minute sermons, will be a beacon of hope to you in the midst of your busy weeks and a way that we can all continue to work out our faith together.

Below you will find this weeks, "Two Minute Sermon".

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2 kommentarer

Tom Riley
Tom Riley
23. jan. 2022

Really enjoyed this Rev Ben. I look forward to these bite sized, thought provoking messages.

Synes godt om

Cele Rice Kalmbach
Cele Rice Kalmbach
20. jan. 2022

Thank you, Fr Ben - this is a terrific idea, and most welcome food for thought in these trying times.

Cecilia Kalmbach

Synes godt om
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