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A Message From Rev'd Ben - October 2021

In the midst of another challenging year of pandemic related restrictions, it certainly has brought joy to my heart to be able to gather together in a way that creates space for our children, choir, and acolytes to be involved. Not to mention the joy of post service coffee hour. It has been so sweet to see all the children involved in Sunday school and acolyting, and to see new and old faces connecting over a cup of coffee at coffee hour. Although we are still taking formidable steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, even an adjusted sense of normalcy is still wonderful.

I am also aware that for many, coming back to worship with us is simply not in the cards yet for any number of good reasons. To those that may not be ready to join us yet, let me say that we will be here waiting when the time comes for your return. This is the consistent and steady work of the Church.

As we lean into our fall schedule and programming, I’ve been struck with just this, the consistent and steady work of the Church. In a world that is full of turbulence and change, Christ’s church remains, and that is what holds us fragile humans together. In the midst of shifting times and constant striving, the bedrock of Christ provides a sturdy foundation for the Church in whatever way it gathers.

Throughout this edition of the Piper, you will read about all sorts of wonderful things that we have been putting our efforts towards, ways that we as a community are gathering together to love God and our neighbors in engaging ways. I hope that you feel inspired to engage, in person or virtually, in this consistent and steady work of the Church.

Faithfully Yours,

Rev’d Ben Capps

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