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A Message From Rev'd Ben - January 2022

Greetings and Happy New Years to you all,

I write this article as my first written address to you, my Saint Andrew’s family, as your Rector.

I cannot express what a privilege and honor it is to me to hold this title and be tasked with the stewardship of this beautiful community. I am truly humbled by the response you all have had towards my family and I and these past few weeks have been marked by immense gratitude. It is my true joy, privilege and honor to humbly call Saint Andrew’s my home.

With the coming of a New Year comes the conclusion of our Christmas season and the beginning of Epiphany. With its focus on the joy and wonder of the Magi, the season of Epiphany brings us into a place of reflection, gratitude, and wonder. Our lectionary readings bring us into a posture of reception. Just as the Magi went on their pilgrimage to offer their gifts to the child king that they may receive the simple gift of his presence in return, so we too gather together and offer up the content of our lives that we may receive the indelible and infinite gift of Christ’s presence in our lives.

It is my prayer for all of us in this season, that we might be able to slow down our busy schedules in the wake of so much that is beyond our control, and reflect on the gift of Christ that has come into our lives. That we might all receive that gift and, like the magi, be filled with a true sense of joy and wonder.

Rev’d Ben

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