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A Message From Rev'd Ben - February 2022

This month marks my one year anniversary at Saint Andrew’s and it has certainly been an eventful year. Between the adjustments due to COVID and it’s multiple variants and the transition in leadership, Saint Andrew’s has certainly had a long and winding road. Due to the disturbance of the Omicron variant, January has felt, to me, like a stuttered start to the year. However, as we move into a new month and set our eyes on February, Lent, Easter and the warmer weather, we, like the wise men long ago, set our eyes on a light that has continued to shine for thousands of years.

The backbone of this church is, and always has been, the light of Christ. In the midst of stuttering starts to New Years, in the midst of disappointment and change, regardless of what is or is not going on at the Church, the pervading wisdom that cuts through our muddled mess is that we are compelled by the light of Christ. We are driven as a community by the indelible light of love that Christ has planted into our hearts that compels us towards demonstrating that love to our neighbors near and far. This continues regardless of our current circumstances.

I am excited about the pathway we are on at Saint Andrew’s and am confident that we are headed towards growth in every way. I am thrilled to discuss all of this with you all at our annual meeting in a few weeks. However, I am also completely convinced that if Christ is not at the center - if love is not at the center - we are simply another source of noise in an already noisy world.

I do hope you’ll join us for our annual meeting on February 20th - I think it will be an exciting one in a very good way. I also pray that the seed of Christ that is planted in you will continue to nourish and sustain you as we strive to demonstrate that love to the world, regardless of what activities at Saint Andrew’s are or are not happening.

Rev’d Ben

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