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The grounds, walkways, and flower beds around the church got their first clean-up for 2023 during our Annual Spring Clean-up day. Our Boy Scouts, some of their parents, and a number of congregation volunteers all came together on the morning of Saturday, May 13th and worked diligently for about three hours to make Saint Andrew's grounds ready for summer. Despite the last-minute arrival of overcast drizzle, the spirits and energy of our team were not dampened in the slightest. We all owe a debt of gratitude to all who came out and pitched in to make this day both fun and productive.

This year we are planning to do a little more. The Vestry has made the decision to have a professional lawn service work on those flower beds most visible upon entry to the sanctuary. These include the beds under the trees along the road, including the Heritage Tree bed. They will also work on those beds inside the wall along the road to the right of the pathway leading to the steps. In addition to cleaning and weeding, the contractor will be cutting the edges of the beds, trimming back overgrown shrubs, and putting down a new layer of mulch as the finishing touch. In addition to bringing a fresh new look to those key locations, it will help define and expedite the efforts for the 2024 Spring Clean-up.

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