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If you are like me, you are spending your weekends doing yardwork as the weather cooperates. Although I don’t love the sore back and time spent, I do enjoy getting outside and finishing a project that I can look back on and appreciate the fruits of my labor. We do the same at the church with the spring cleanup, which is an act of stewardship, as we take a moment to care for the church and make sure it is a shining beacon for all to enjoy.

Another benefit of getting outside in the yard is getting to see your neighbors maybe for the first time since the fall. It’s always nice to catch up with the people who live around you and hear how their families are doing and what they’ve been up to. What a great opportunity this would be to share the great secret of St. Andrew's, specifically our community events and outreach programs, in order to get that secret out! What a great opportunity to talk about a passage from one of Rev'd. Ben’s sermons that spoke to you or may have a special meaning to your neighbor, which is an indirect way of bringing the light of Christ’s love out into your community. We as a church are also reaching out to our neighbors (literally!) by collaborating with the shops at Ludwig’s Corner in community events to share the secret of St. Andrew's.

As you act as good stewards of you own property and even the church property, remember that you can also be a good steward of St. Andrew's by spreading the word of the good work we do and the joyous community we have. The health of our church, which is made up of all of you, is great and getting better. Thank you so much for your continued support with your time, talents and financial contributions. We have accomplished great things in the last year and there are many more great things to come!

God Bless,

Jeff Herrera

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